Mom, Dad, Hubby, Baby Sister, Bestie, Bestie’s Hubby and Fluffy… The festive season can be a mad rush when it comes to gift buying.

But pet parents definitely don’t forget their furbabies. A recent survey conducted by Hill’s revealed that almost three-quarters of pet owners will buy presents for their pets – and over half of them will place their gift under the tree for unwrapping on Christmas morning.

But what to get the pet that has everything?

No playing around

The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying a new toy for your pet to play with.

Most dogs love a new ball or squeaky toy to play with (or bury!), which can provide a lot of entertainment and exercise. However, be careful when choosing a toy – look for ones that won’t damage your dog’s teeth, and that doesn’t have bits that can easily be swallowed, potentially leading to an emergency trip to the vet on Boxing Day!

Tennis balls can collect grit in the fibres that can damage your pooch’s teeth, so rather choose an indestructible rubber ball that is specifically designed for dogs.

Frisbees are also a favourite for fetch, and again look for ones made of soft rubber or cloth that are gentler on a dog’s mouth.

You can also invest in robust rubber chew toys if your dog is more of a gnawer than a runner.

Cats can be much fussier than their easier-to-please canine counterparts, but scratching posts can be a lot of fun – and potentially spare your furniture.

Scratching posts should be tall enough for your feline friend to stretch out fully, and should be sturdy enough not to wobble or topple over. Choose posts with different “towers” to allow your cat a spot from which to survey her kingdom, and with different materials for scratching.

As for toys – catnip soft toys are often favourite, but you’re also likely to have as much success with the packaging! Balled up wrapping paper, empty paper gift bags and left-over ribbons can keep cats entertained for hours.

Tasty treats

The most popular choice of gifts among pet parents, however, are practical food treats.

When choosing treats, it’s important to know what’s healthy for your pet, and what’s not. Grocery stores are often full of treats that are high in fats and sugars that can lead to weight gain. Look out for treats that could be harmful for your pet’s teeth – avoid overly hard treats that can fracture teeth.

Source: KFM


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