The average age of Eskom’s power stations is 35 years. And as our bodies continue to demonstrate (with all the subtlety of a fire alarm) function deteriorates with age. This is one of the primary reasons for the country’s 14-year electricity crisis. Load shedding in SA is in its teenage years, which could mean the recent stage 6 was just one in many more teenage-prone tantrums. If we don’t fix this crisis, we face dark days ahead.

 Load shedding: Quite the loaded term!

Not to be melodramatic, but if life is a movie, load shedding is definitely a cliff-h-anger! It’s that moment we all dread when the rollercoaster reaches the crest and plummets to what certainly seems like an untimely demise. When all you can do is scream out profanities (you’d prefer your prodigy did not repeat in public). It doesn’t just leave us powerless; it makes us feel that way too! Electricity is plugged into our daily routines, and lack thereof presses on many pain points. Here are 6 ways your pet can power your fun time when the lights are off.


6 ways to beat the blackout blues

Stage 6 is the highest we’ve ever been shed, so we’ve put together a list of load shedding-friendly activities you can do with your pet.

Stage 1: Cosy up

This is a great time to snuggle up with your cuddle buddy and bond. Blow the dust off the furmily album and reminisce over the good old days.

Stage 2: Clean up

The lights are off, but the water is still on. Clip some claws, brush some furs, and enjoy the extra time with your forever friend.

Stage3: Play up

Stick it to the power cut by fetching your best life with your fur baby. Or hide from the darkness by seeking more playtime with your fur ball.

Stage 4: Read up

It may sound silly, but it could help reduce the stress of dealing with load shedding. Reading reduces stress. Pets relieve stress. So why not combine the two? It’s also a great way to bond.

Stage 5: Get up

Go outside. See the world (your neighbourhood will suffice as well). Go people-watching at the park (or pet watching). Go for a run or stroll around the block. Just get up and get active.

Stage 6: Upskill

Teach your pet partner a new party trick. Or add a new command to your pet’s response dictionary.


We’ve left out stage 7 and 8 because we don’t want to jinx anything.


Source: DotSure

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