Although Labradors are undeniably lovely dogs, they do have their downsides. Let’s compare their pros and cons.


Labradors are energetic and so need lots of exercise, although not too much when they are puppies to keep their joints healthy.

They do have some potential inherited disorders, so you will need to buy your puppy from a breeder that has made sure both parents have great health tests.

You will have to work hard to keep your home fur-free and dedicate lots of time to training to prevent unwanted behaviors such as jumping up or pulling on the leash.

They will also probably want to meet and greet everyone, and every dog, they see whenever you leave the house.

They can also be prone to separation anxiety.



Their intelligence means they are easy to train with modern positive methods, and their eagerness for food means it won’t be hard to keep them motivated.

Health testing means that you can hope to avoid or reduce the risk of all the most common Labrador health problems.

They are generally very friendly to other dogs and people. They are often good with cats too if introduced carefully or brought up in their company.

They will love you with all their heart, and want to spend as much time in your company as possible.


Source: TheLabradorSite

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