Avoid forced exercise

Forced exercise such as the following should be avoided:

  • Jogging or running with a puppy or dog.
  • Excessive ball or frisbee throwing and catching.
  • Running your pet alongside your bike. This is against road rules in some states. In NSW, for example, the RTA states that a bicycle rider mustn’t lead an animal while the bike is moving, including by tethering.
  • Take fast paced or very long walks with your puppy.

After exercise

After exercising with your dog or puppy, you’ll need to:

  • Offer your pets some water, and then allow them to rest. After they’ve calmed down and have rested for a while you could offer them a small healthy treat.

With these tips in hand you can ensure your pet’s safety when it comes to exercise, as well as keep them healthy and happy for years to come!


Source: RSPCA

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