5 pet expenses to add to your budget

Bringing a new pet is one of (if not the) most exciting times. Make sure that your new addition to the family fits right in with these expert budgeting tips for a new pet. Do you remember when you were young and asked your parental-figure for a new pet? If you’re part of the majority, […]

When Did People Start Keeping Pets?

Pets have been harnessed to humans for possibly tens of thousands of years. The archaeological and genetic record is being combed and analyzed for evidence of when and how the human-animal bond developed, not just to satisfy a craving for trivia, but because it says a lot about the evolution of human society, says Greger […]

Ten Tips to help prevent dog theft

Just over a year ago, dotsure.co.za reported that dog theft is on the rise in South Africa. The financial strain that national lockdown has put us all under in the last few months may encourage more criminal attempts to make money off stolen dogs. In this article, we suggest ten tips to help prevent dog […]


Man’s best friend has become a more popular target in ‘dognapping’ incidents over the last few months. No dogs are immune to theft as they are stolen for a number of reasons; pets that haven’t been neutered or spayed may be sold to puppy mills or backyard breeders, popular or expensive dog breeds are resold […]


Microchipping your pet has become one of the most important parts of new pet ownership, second to getting your pet affordable Pet Insurance. The day your pet goes missing, is the day you will really appreciate the effort you made to have your pets microchipped, and keeping their information up to date as you change […]

Consider the costs before buying or adopting a pet

Three months into the national lockdown, you may be one of thousands of animal lovers around the country that is thinking about fostering, adopting or buying a pet. Before you make a commitment, we found out more about the associated costs of having a pet. Unless you have access to the likes of the SPCA, […]

What You’ll Need to Budget for a New Puppy

Helping a new puppy get adjusted to being a part of your family requires patience, love, and time. It also helps to have the right gear. Setting up your home to properly accommodate a young dog doesn’t take much, but every step you take toward making them calm, comfortable, and well-trained will pay off down […]

Large Study Finds Pet Owners Are Different

You’ve seen headlines like “Puppy Love: Pet Owners Are Happier, Healthier” and “How Pets Save Us Billions Every Year In Health Care Costs!” And it is true that a lot of studies have reported that pet owners have better physical and mental health than people who do not live with companion animals.  Further, we do not know whether getting […]


Winter has arrived in Cape Town, and just as we hall out our thick winter woollies and blankets – so should you also pay your pets some extra special attention.   Here are some tips on how to keep them warm and snug during the colder months: Ensure that your animals have access to shelter and […]


Although temperatures in South Africa are usually fairly pleasant year round, in winter month lows can still dip down to almost freezing. This can provide a dangerous environment for some dogs depending upon certain conditions and where they live. For example, if you live in a neighbourhood where antifreeze is used, the key ingredient, ethylene […]