June 7, 2017

10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog

Dogs love to eat. The problem is that some of your favourite foods are simply no good for your canine companion. Your dog likes snacks, and you like snacks, and you like to share your snacks with your dog. Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes? Unfortunately, just as your dog can eat certain things that aren’t good for you, many of the things you eat are not good for your dog. To avoid a sick tummy, an emergency visit to the veterinary clinic or worse, take a look at this list of foods that are bad for your pooch. CHOCOLATE […]
June 7, 2017

Dogs That Don’t Shed: Keep Your House Hair-free

If you are thinking of a dog and would like to investigate the breeds that won’t leave your house hairy, consider one of the breeds that has continuously growing hair. We all think of poodles when we think of so-called hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed. The truth is that people can be allergic to poodles, the same as any other breed. The reason why the poodle has gained the hypoallergenic status, is that they don’t shed. This can certainly be of benefit when you are after a pet who won’t leave the house in a complete hairy mess. These breeds […]
June 7, 2017

Choosing a Dog Breed

Planning on getting a dog? Choosing the right dog breed for you and your family will go a long way to ensuring you spend a lifetime of happiness with your canine companion. Are you planning on getting a dog? That’s great news, and an exciting time for you and your family! The joy and unconditional love which come from adding a fun and furry member to the household will certainly enhance the lives of all your family members. There are many variables and options to consider when it comes to choosing a dog but perhaps the single most important decision […]

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