February 25, 2021

The real cost of pet care

Think about it: acquiring a pet dog or cat could entail a financial and emotional commitment of anything up to 20 years. To put it another way: the cat you present to your child in grade three could still be around when she graduates from university, by which time it will undoubtedly be frail and cranky, requiring frequent – and probably expensive – visits to the vet. Evidence suggests that many people underestimate the cost of caring for their pets. Whereas they might be diligent in budgeting for items such as home maintenance, car repairs and their children’s education, they […]
February 25, 2021

Consider the costs before buying or adopting a pet

Three months into the national lockdown, you may be one of thousands of animal lovers around the country that is thinking about fostering, adopting or buying a pet. Before you make a commitment, we found out more about the associated costs of having a pet. Unless you have access to the likes of the SPCA, the averages from three veterinarians show that aside from the adoption or purchase costs of your new pet, if it is a puppy or kitten, you can expect to pay the following in the first year: Initial vaccinations: You will need about three vaccinations plus a […]
February 25, 2021

What You’ll Need to Budget for a New Puppy

Helping a new puppy get adjusted to being a part of your family requires patience, love, and time. It also helps to have the right gear. Setting up your home to properly accommodate a young dog doesn’t take much, but every step you take toward making them calm, comfortable, and well-trained will pay off down the line. With these tools, you’ll create a safe and supportive environment for training and playing.   Veterinary check-up The price of your puppy’s first veterinary check-up will depend on where you got them, how old they are, where you live, and the vet you […]

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