March 26, 2018

Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption

The first few days in your home are special and critical for a pet. Your new dog will be confused about where he is and what to expect from you. Setting up some clear structure with your family for your dog will be paramount in making as smooth a transition as possible. Before You Bring Your Dog Home: Determine where your dog will be spending most of his time. Because he will be under a lot of stress with the change of environment (from shelter or foster home to your house), he may forget any housebreaking (if any) he’s learned. […]
March 26, 2018

Cat Adoption Checklist

Congratulations on adopting a cat! You are embarking on a wonderful and rewarding relationship. Because adopting a new cat comes with a lot of change for both cat and cat parent, we’ve compiled a checklist to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Questions for All Adopters: Do you have any other pets and how will they react to a new cat? Is your current residence suited to the cat you’re considering? How will your social life or work obligations affect your ability to care for a cat? Do you have a plan for your new cat during vacations […]
February 19, 2018

Water crisis? Extreme tips for extreme times.

Human impact is altering weather patterns and bringing water-scarce Western Cape full circle. First it was Knysna Fires, now it’s the Cape Peninsula drought. Are you concerned about your water consumption? Maybe you’re suffering level six water restrictions like 4,3 million others in the Mother City. Our extreme hacks and serious suggestions can help keep hope afloat. Remember: you are not alone and you are not a victim. You ARE living through a challenging time, and that calls for resilience and innovation. If it doesn’t rain soon, Cape Town’s restrictions are going to seem like a luxury and Main Road […]

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