May 27, 2021

Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

As winter approaches and the evenings begin to cool, we all reach for our fluffy slippers and thick dressing gowns and the extra doona gets pulled from the back of the closet.  But, what about our four legged friends, especially those that spend their time outside or sleep in the laundry. There are many reasons why we should be paying attention to how our cats and dogs are coping with the changes in seasons, not least the impact that this can have on their health.  At every age, cold weather and dampness can make a cat or dog more prone […]
May 27, 2021

Washing Your Dog in the Winter

Whether you’re a new dog owner or you’ve owned dogs most of your life, you may wonder whether you can give your dog a bath in the winter. If you find yourself asking that question, rest assured that the answer is yes. You can and often should bathe a dog in the winter, as long as you know how. Bathing a big dog is pretty much the same as bathing a small or medium-sized dog in the winter. Once you master one size dog, you should be able to handle dogs of almost any size as long, as you have […]
May 27, 2021

Tips to Keep Dogs and Cats Warm

Just like us when we feel the chill on a winter morning, our pets do too. While we can easily pop on a jumper, pull on our UGG boots or snuggle up to a fire, our pets need a helping hand, especially if they are outside dogs or cats. So how do we keep our furry family members warm and safe in the chilly months? We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to keep dogs and cats warm in winter.   Our top winter warmer tips Even with a lovely big coat of fur, our pets can really feel […]

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