February 20, 2020

Dog Breeding for Beginners: What You Should Know

Planning a litter of puppies? Margaret V. Root Kustritz, DVM, Ph.D, DACT, professor of small animal reproduction at the University of Minnesota, answers frequently asked questions from breeders preparing to breed that promising next litter. How Often Do Dogs Go Into Heat? Bitches should have an obvious heat cycle by 24 months of age. Although bitches vary in the frequency of their heat cycles, an average female goes through heat about every seven months. A bitch is not considered abnormal unless she has not had an obvious heat cycle for one year. Is It Okay to Breed a Bitch in Back-to-Back Heat Seasons? […]
February 20, 2020


Here are some regulations you should be aware of: If you have dogs: There is a limit on the number of dogs you can have depending on the size of your property. No more than 2 dogs over 6 months old in a “dwelling unit” (aka, apartment) No more than 6 dogs over 6 months old on an “agricultural property” (aka, farm) No more than 4 dogs over 6 months old on any other kind of premises *You need a permit if you exceed the limit, though this stipulation usually only applies to pet businesses. Dogs must be kept on […]
February 20, 2020

Why desexing dogs isn’t always the best thing to do

In pet-loving nations, nobody likes the idea of dogs churning out litters in squalid conditions or sitting homeless in a shelter. Responsible dog owners are therefore strongly encouraged to desex their pets, through programs such as national desexing month and low-cost surgery schemes. But as we try to limit unwanted dogs, experts estimate there is demand for nearly half a million new puppies every year. Many desexed family pets are the ideal parents of the next generation of family companions, having demonstrated their ability to fit in with family life. Yet by desexing as early as possible, we are removing […]

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