May 20, 2020

Having Fun with Your Dog

“A tired dog is a good dog.” While you’ve probably heard the saying many times, there’s a lot of truth to that simple phrase. Bored dogs will often try to entertain themselves—whether that means chewing your shoes, barking at what seem like imaginary sounds, digging up your flower garden, or chasing their own tails. Playtime can solve many behavior problems and help you strengthen the bond with your dog at the same time. Walks—preferably twice a day for at least half an hour each—are a great way to help your dog (and you) burn some calories but playing together adds […]
May 20, 2020

Children and pets – having fun, while staying safe

With 45% of the population having a pet in the household, it seems many agree that pets are part of the family unit. They bring us joy, and help teach children how to be responsible, caring and animal-loving adults. Given 26% of pets are dogs and 18% cats, today they will be our focus. Did you know four children a day are admitted to UK hospitals with a dog bite, and more than two-thirds of bites are in under 10 year-olds? Many dog bites can be prevented with improved dog training, but more importantly, improved child training on how to […]
May 20, 2020


Guide for Pet Owners The current restrictions, such as physical distancing and lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on both humans and animals. Many pets will find their daily routines suddenly changed and their owners at home instead of at work. While this can be an anxious time for everybody it is important to see things positively and use this as an opportunity to do things, we might not usually have time for. One of which is spending more time with our pets, for whom this outbreak can also be challenging, especially if they are kept inside […]

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