Adding a new fur-ball to your family can do amazing things for your heart and mind but we can’t promise it won’t be tough on your wallet. We all want to treat our dogs like royalty but not everyone has the money to spoil their dog with the best-of-the-best. Luckily for dog owners everywhere we’ve got loads of great savvy saving tips to help you give your wallet a much-needed break the next time your pup needs a new collar, healthy treats, or a new toy. Here are our top 5 money saving tips for dog owners.


Ditch expensive habits and recycle instead

Forget expensive poop bags when walking your dog, recycle instead. Start saving your plastic grocery bags and pop one or two in your pocket every time you head out the door. They are a lot cheaper than branded bags and work well for small or big dogs.


Get sewing

If your dog has a habit of tearing the stuffing out of perfectly good, new toys, then it’s time you learn to sew. Instead of throwing the stuffingless toy in the bin, try restuffing it first. You can use an old T-shirt to stuff the toy or even an old, clean dish rag. Another option is to stuff a big toy with smaller, broken toys and then sew it up.


Be treat savvy

While you might be tempted to splurge on expensive treats for your pooch, there are loads more affordable and healthy treat options that your dog will absolutely love. Instead of over-priced dog biscuits buy a tub of chicken livers – they are affordable and can be baked or served raw. You can also save money on dog chew bones by getting them from your local butcher instead of the pet store.


Buy the best you can afford

Buy the best quality chew toys, beds, collars and other supplies you can afford. Investing in higher quality items may cost you more upfront but you will save money in the long run as it will be a while before you have to replace these items. A good dog bed and collar should last you ages and will only need to be replaced if your dog grows out of it.


Take out insurance

You might think having health insurance for your dog is an unnecessary expense but investing in medical aid for your pup can save you lots of money in the long run. An emergency operation for a dog can cost thousands of Rands and you don’t want to be worrying about money when your pup is sick! Medical should cover all medical expensive in an emergency or if your dog develops a disease.


Source: Dogs Life

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