Formulated for all types of dogs with the harsh African conditions in mind.

What your dog Needs

All life stage formulation with high protein, fat and essential mineral elements added for the correct and sustained growth.

Soft and small pellets

The pellets are small and can be softened during early stage solid feeding, but strong recommendation as a dry food for subsequent growth stages.

Active digestion

The dry pellet encourages active digestion, while the rice content is gentle to the intestines and bowl.

Complete diet

Recommended for the domestic owner who values their dog’s condition, the product is formulated as a complete diet.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

For a shiny skin and coat

Free of soya

Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Supports healthy immune system

No artificial colouring

We are spread around
South Africa

The ultimate choice in dog food. Based on this value proposition, we will deliver directly, to you, the customer, a quality product, equal to the best available at an affordable market price, backed by full product support.