August 21, 2017

How Dogs Read Human Body Language

Most dog owners have had the experience of simply glancing at where the leash is hanging, only to find that Lassie is now headed for the door in anticipation of a walk. While this seems like an everyday event to dog owners, it has special significance to scientists because of what it indicates about how dogs think. First of all, it shows that dogs have the ability to read human body language. In addition, it shows that dogs feel that our movements and gestures contain important cues as to what will happen next in their world. For decades, scientists have […]
August 21, 2017

How Can I Stop My Dog from Peeing on Strangers?

Q: How can I stop my dog from peeing on people’s shoes when we’re at the dog park? My 18-month old Bouvier has recently started raising his leg and peeing on certain people’s shoes/legs whenever we’re at the dog park. He’s done that to a couple of people and now I’m paranoid as soon as he starts getting too close to someone. Two trainers warned me in the past that, approximately at this age, he’d be trying to become more assertive and show who’s the boss; however, I had no idea I’d be dealing with this type of problem.  A: […]
July 20, 2017

Food Allergies

It is estimated that 10-20% of allergies in dogs are related to food ingredients. If your pet licks his feet, gets ear infections and scratches, you might need to consider whether he has food allergies. WHAT DOES A FOOD ALLERGY LOOK LIKE? Pets with food allergies commonly lick  their feet and may have itching around the face, ears and bottom. They may just be generally itchy and may or may not have gastrointestinal signs like occasional vomiting and diarrhoea. This type of allergy develops at around 1 year of age and is not associated with a diet change. When your […]
July 20, 2017

Feeding Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones: Is it safe?

Feeding Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones: Is it safe? The trend toward holistic, more natural pet diets seems intuitively better for our pets. But is it safe and what are the pros and cons of these raw diets? There is no easy answer to this question. The simple answer is that it depends on the dog. Many dogs thrive on a diet of raw meaty bones, but there are also numerous stories of dogs with fractured teeth from chewing hard bones. Another risk is oesophageal or intestinal obstruction from eating bones and perhaps even more commonly, a nasty bout of […]
July 20, 2017

Chicken and Rice Diet

SERVINGS: Provides 6,645 kcal total – 10 serves, suitable for a 10kg moderately active adult dog DESCRIPTION: The following diet is based on Strombeck’s Home Prepared Diets for Dogs and Cats. This recipe is ideal for making up a batch of meals for the freezer. It may be necessary to add in a pet multivitamin to ensure your dog’s micro-nutrient needs are being met. Alternatively continue feeding your pet’s usual dry food diet and incorporate a portion of this diet to add variety, for example you could use 50% dry food and 50% home-cooked food. To estimate your dog’s total caloric requirements, a useful […]
July 20, 2017

Dog Teeth Cleaning & Dental Care

Does your dog have bad breath? Are their teeth clean? We take a look at the importance of proper dental care for your dog and share some tips to help ensure their mouth stays clean and healthy. Statistics suggest that over 80% of dogs have some degree of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old. Your dog can’t tell you when he has a toothache, so it’s essential that you take steps to keep his teeth clean. While your veterinarian does play a role in keeping your dog’s sparkly whites in good health, there is much you […]
June 7, 2017

10 Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog

Dogs love to eat. The problem is that some of your favourite foods are simply no good for your canine companion. Your dog likes snacks, and you like snacks, and you like to share your snacks with your dog. Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes? Unfortunately, just as your dog can eat certain things that aren’t good for you, many of the things you eat are not good for your dog. To avoid a sick tummy, an emergency visit to the veterinary clinic or worse, take a look at this list of foods that are bad for your pooch. CHOCOLATE […]
June 7, 2017

Dogs That Don’t Shed: Keep Your House Hair-free

If you are thinking of a dog and would like to investigate the breeds that won’t leave your house hairy, consider one of the breeds that has continuously growing hair. We all think of poodles when we think of so-called hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed. The truth is that people can be allergic to poodles, the same as any other breed. The reason why the poodle has gained the hypoallergenic status, is that they don’t shed. This can certainly be of benefit when you are after a pet who won’t leave the house in a complete hairy mess. These breeds […]

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