June 18, 2018

Learn how to pick the best toys for your cat

Play is a vital activity… not only for kittens. but for adult cats, too! Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility. Nature made them […]
June 18, 2018

4 Reasons Why Puppies Need Toys

1.Toys provide mental stimulation 2.Toys can calm and settle 3.Toys can enhance training 4.Toys can build the human/dog bond I remember when dog toys were limited […]
June 18, 2018

Types of dog toys

Why do Dogs Need Toys? Before dogs were domesticated, they didn’t use – or need – toys, as they had plenty to occupy themselves with, like […]
June 18, 2018

Why Dogs Need Toys

Why dogs need toys: dogs need toys to provide mental stimulation, allow for appropriate chewing, and serve as important tools in behavior modification. Toys are mentally and […]
May 23, 2018

How to take care of cats in winter

Cats in winter, like humans, are affected by the change of temperature. Dr Maria Grazia Calore, veterinary doctor and expert in pet behaviour, explains the physical […]
May 23, 2018

Winter Do’s & Don’t

We seem to be inundated on social media with stories from the States of dogs being locked in hot cars while their owners go shopping.  These […]
May 23, 2018

4 Tips To Help Your Senior Dog This Winter

It’s finally fall, which means winter is just around the corner. If you’re the doting parent of a senior dog, you may know that the chilly […]
May 23, 2018

15 Winter Care Tips For Your Dog

Does your dog love the winter or would she rather cuddle up on the couch under a cozy blanket? Either way, you should be prepared to […]
April 17, 2018

10 Things You May Not Know About Military Dogs

Dogs in the military struggled to earn their recognition as heroes, and now that they have we’d like to pay tribute by sharing some facts you […]

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