The ultimate choice in

Dog Food

Formulated for all types of dogs with the harsh African conditions in mind.

An ultimate premium quality dog food with increased protein and fat to boost the energy levels of active dogs, this concentrate also provide the glossy appearance demanded of show dogs.

The formula also incorporates active immune properties to strengthen the antibodies of dogs in constant social contact.

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Technopet is a wholly owned

South African company

Our ideology, our passionate reason for being, is to make and market pet foods.

The responsibilities of the disciplines of Research / development, manufacturing and marketing are strategically separated, yet combine in the form of an enthusiastic wedge, driving stakeholder value and forging consumer acceptance.

We are able to do this by importing the main ingredient and incorporating this valuable raw material into local nutritional intellect and other value added supplements.

Technopet is a wholly owned South African company, the inception of Technopet was in 1997, by a consortium of animal nutritionists, as an independent, premium quality, direct marketing company, operations are now based in Gauteng.